02) Dry Propolis Granules

Our propolis is scraped from honey boxes. We then melt it to separate the pure propolis from impurities. Propolis is not food, it is a medicine that can be used internally or externally. Please be sure to try our propolis ointment.

Bag of Dry Propolis Granules :  28g

Propolis Tincture with Glycerine
1 bag of Bee Sweet Bee Propolis Granules
1/2 cup of natural edible glycerine
Instructions :

1. Oil microwave dish and utensils (don’t forget to oil mixers) to be used.
2. Melt ingredients for about 1.5 minutes in microwave, just until all the propolis is liquid and starts to boil slightly.
3. Have electric mixer all ready to mix ingredients as soon as you take them out of microwave.
4. Mix until mixture is creamy and becomes lighter than beige colored.
5. Clean all utensils with stainless steel scouring pad and cold water.

Administration Directions for Cold or Respiratory Infection:

Start treatment as soon as you realize you’re starting to get a respiratory infection.
1rst dose:      1 teaspoon mixed in glass of lukewarm orange juice
Day 1:           1/2 teaspoon 3 more times that day mixed in glass of lukewarm orange juice
First Week :  1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon 4 times/day mixed in glass of lukewarm orange juice.
Upon Feeling Better after one week or so :  1/4 teaspoon 2 times per day for 3 -4 days.

Administration Directions for Use as an Antioxidant for the Body

       Take 1 teaspoon 1 or 2 times per week in a glass of lukewarm orange juice.

Propolis Tincture with Vodka

Use an equal measure of propolis granules as 100-proof vodka or grain alcohol.

1. Measure propolis granules and add an equal measure of 100-proof vodka
2. Heat the closed bottle in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven.
3. Maintain the heat until the propolis granules are dissolved and the mixture is uniform.
4. Strain the mixture through cloth or paper towel.
5. Shelf life is several years.

Administration Directions for Internal or External Use:
       Propolis tincture can be used full strength, internally or externally on cuts, scratches, and rashes.



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