Beeswax Hands & Feet Cream

We would like to share with you a little about our products, so we will feature a different one every few weeks.
Fast Relief for Chapped, Cracked and Painful Skin
through our Unique Beeswax Formula
Soulagement Rapide
de la Peau Gercée et Craquée
par notre Formule Exclusive à la Cire d’Abeilles

Ideal for:                                                                   Idéal Pour:
– Landscapers & Gardeners                             – Paysagistes & Jardiniers
– Mechanics                                                          – Mécaniciens
– Health Care Professionals                              – Professionnels de la Santé
– Factory Workers                                                – Ouvriers d’Usines
– Farmers (excels bag balm)                           – Cultivateurs
– Construction Workers                                      – Ouvriers de Construction
– Custodians & Cleaners                                    – Entretien Ménager
– Eczema & Baby Care                                        – Eczéma & Soins pour Bébé

Original Cream                                                          Crème Original
or                                                                                          ou
Beeswax Plus                                                              Crème Cire Plus

We are always testing new products but since we test them on ourselves, it takes awhile to really know the effect of different tests.  We would love to hear your ideas on what you might like to see as a new product, keeping in mind we work with natural ingredients.

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