Beeswax Cream

Beeswax is an excellent medicine for healing cracks, softening tough skin, and protecting against cold weather and chemicals. It is as good or better than Shea butter and other competing products on the market, because bees do make all their products medicinal : healing or restoring. Beeswax creams if used two or three times a day can often heal cracked skin where all other products failed. When using olive oil, we only use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil! As for grape-seed oil, it is well known for its therapeutic qualities in healing all types of skin. For our beeswax facial cream, we add 1rst cold press almond oil. All beeswax creams are fairly hard and should be scraped with a stick to soften, after which they will spread easily. You will find that you need very little to cover the intended surface ; therefore our creams are long lasting and cost effective. Beeswax creams are completely natural and should be kept below 23 degrees Celsius ; the shelf life is up to one year.

Facial & Body Cream

Our creams are water-based ; therefore, although rich, they are not greasy and will not stain. They are a DAY, NIGHT, EYE and NECK creme. They are 80% natural, containing the mildest additives and preservatives found in gentle creams. They are only slightly perfumed and therefore not irritating. Almost every lady allergic to cosmetics can wear our facial creams since they are so gentle. They were created to restore, nourish, soothe dry and even very dry skin; but are also very good for normal or mixed skin. Our facial creams are of such a high quality that cosmetic stores would sell them for twice our price especially considering that we sell them in larger containers (110mL.) We hope you’ll try them and join our hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied customers who always come back for more. Why not visit our kiosk and try our samples? The shelf life is up to one year.