Ontario Honey Recipe Book

Here is one very thorough recipe book for cooking with 100% pure Ontario Honey.
It was published by the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association to encourage the general public to cook with Ontario Honey and thus support all the hard-working Ontario Beekeepers.
It describes the types of honey, the grades of honey, and the floral sources and flavours of honey.
It tells how to store honey, cook with honey, and use honey.

It is jam packed with recipes for canning and preserving with honey.

It describes how to use honey to make mouth-watering beverages, healthy breakfasts, moist fruit breads and muffins, all-star salads and dressings, meat and vegetable glazes, cakes and frostings, power cookies and squares, and beautiful delicious pies.

These recipes are bound to be a favorite in every family.

Who knows, maybe once you buy this recipe book, you won’t want to use any other recipes.


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