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What makes our honey so special ? Oh so many reasons ! First of all, we are the beekeepers; therefore you are getting local honey right from our beefarm. We know exactly what goes into it. We place our beehives in regions where hundreds of wildflowers, bushes and trees bloom from May to October. The bees gather all those nectars, process them, store them in honeycombs, evaporate them, and then cap them with beeswax cappings thus producing that large variety of delicious honeys we all enjoy. Once the boxes of honeycombs are full, we collect them, uncap the combs, and spin them in spinners. The honey is then pumped into a settling tank where beeswax cappings float to the top as the honey is heated below125 degrees Farenheit. Afterward, we proceed to either filter the honey through a nylon mesh (50 micron filter) for filtered honey or just pour it out into pails for the unfiltered honey. We do not tamper with the honey. It is pure, natural and unadulterated. We only treat our bees with organic acids when they need relief from parasites, refusing to use any chemicals.