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Bee on Dandelion

Bee Sweet / Api Santé Farm House and Self Serve Store in Verandah

Our Backyard is a Beeyard (Don't worry they don't come near our self-serve store)

Beekeeper Welcoming You

Working Bees in Backyard

Grandpa Working near Bees

All Weather - Still Working

Harvesting the Honey

Bringing the Honey Home

Loading  Honey Frames into Extractor

Our New Extracting Line

Unknown Beekeeper

Hello From Priscilla the Owner

Wiped Out Beekeeper

Grandpa Bottling Honey

Grandpa's Approach

Our Production Line

Bee Sweet Corner Shelf

Specialty Honeys

Bee Sweet Creams

Rustic Bee Sweet Display

Moose Creek Honey

Bee Online : Shop online at www.beesweetontario.com